1st Manhattan Seat Mapping Party


We recently had our first ever collaborative mapping party and we are happy to report that it was a big success.  Thanks to the help of  15 collaborators we were able to double the size of our seat index, which is now at a healthy 211.  Brendan over at Neighborland was instrumental in the organization and promotion of the event and we are grateful to The Magician for allowing us to use their space for the after party.

The day of the mapping party we sent people out in small groups to cover distinct neighborhoods. We had groups visit the West Village, Chinatown, the Lower East Side, and beyond.  This approach accounts for the recent increase in the clustering of dots on the map.  Check out some of the new seats that the group captured and don’t forget to add your own photos to the mix.  You can even do it while you’re waiting for your nails to dry.

Shopfront Chairs in front of Nail Boutique