Street Seats Goes International

Alleyway, Salt Lake City, Utah

Street Seat in an alleyway, Salt Lake City, Utah

Since the launch of earlier this year, over 200 street seats have been documented in New York City on our open source map.  Thank you to all who have submitted Street Seats that provide a place to rest, eat, read or socialize in front of your favorite coffee shop, next to your neighborhood bookstore, by your local art gallery, around a tree on your block, and elsewhere in your neighborhood.

We are eager for submissions in other American cities as well as international examples to increase the geographic locations of the Street Seats database as widely as possible  If you find street seats in your neighborhood, please submit them here so they can be added to the map.  Please share this post with friends, family, and colleagues who live in other cities!

As a reminder-  a Street Seat is an unsanctioned, chair, bench or seat set up outdoors by a business or individual to make the urban environment more comfortable and livable.  You can find examples in our photo gallery.

Enjoy Street Seats in the upcoming warm, summer days!